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RAGE – Uprising Trailer

More information about Rage is slowly being drip-fed from Bethesda’s hype-machine of marketing videos. For starters, it turns out the world is in such a sorry state thanks to an uninvited meteor which decided to visit Earth and you are one of the lucky survivors who escaped death by sleeping through the disaster in stasis. You are one of very few ‘arc survivors’ and that apparantly makes you very valuable to the ‘authorities’ of this otherwise lawless place. The trailer below is chock full of story introduction and fun-looking gameplay.


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Idiot Drivers, Enjoy a Lesson in Safety

Driving Rage

This morning I had immense road rage, but it was totally justified. One guy was inches away from driving out in front of me at a roundabout, and at least four others changed lanes in front of me suddenly, without indicating. This makes me angry, and in my pure rage I recalled the following scene from the brilliant action-comedy, Shoot Em Up. If only I could dispatch ignorant drivers in the same way. One can only dream!


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Currently Waiting – Batman, Rage, Uncharted

This is the time when I’d usually write about three random games that I’m playing, and give you a brief run-down on each one, telling you what I think so far. But due to there being very little to play this summer, (all I’m doing is paying another visit to 2009’s Arkham Asylum and its proving to be a perfect warmup to the sequel which is out soon) I thought I’d tell you about some games that are nearly ready, but not quite… We’ve talked about Battlefield 3, Deus Ex 3 and Skyrim already, but here’s three other games that deserve some more attention.


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Apocalyptic Screenshot of the Week

Courtesy of id’s Rage. Clicky for biggy.

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RAGE – New Trailer

We haven’t mentioned id’s Rage around here yet, and with a new trailer out today which shows off some of the gameplay, nows as good a time as any to fix that. I’m pretty excited about the prospect of Rage – the makers of Doom and Quake know what makes a good FPS, and since this is the first new IP of theirs in over a decade I reckon that excitement is more than justified.


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