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Betafield: Battlefield 3 Open Beta, Open Now!

Betafield 3

Today, the Battlefield 3 open beta is a go! Well? What are you waiting for? Get it downloaded on your PC, PS3 or Xbox 360 right fucking now! I for one am downloading it on both my PC and 360, and will be shooting copious amounts of men, profusely, with various guns. Ohboyohboyohboy. Read More ››

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‘The War Has Begun’ – New Mass Effect 3 Trailer

Mass Effect 3

There’s an awesome trailer for Mass Effect 3 I’ve just seen in my emails that I somehow never saw before, so I’ve borrowed it and placed it right here for your viewing pleasure. Spoiler: there’s effing huge robots, and smashing frozen enemies with a holographic sword. If there wasn’t so much pure awesome due out in the remainder of this year, the wait for this could be bloody agonizing.


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Battlefield 3 – Multiplayer & Jets… Yes!

Battlefield 3

Finally! This trailer of the Caspian Border multiplayer map shows – in lots of detail – the return of jets to the Battlefield series. This is one absolutely action-packed trailer, and my anticipation for this game has just quadrupled. Also, keep an eye out for what appears to be a little bomb-disposal robot who rather comically drives right into a wall…


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Battlefield 3 – E3 2011 Footage

Battlefield 3 is going to take over my life when it hits this autumn. As well as a slightly earlier release date now scheduled for 25th October, there’s a bunch of new gameplay videos to gawp at. I’m not kidding, this game looks bloody excellent. Click below for 2 new videos.


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