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Team Fortress 2 – Now FREE to Play

Team Fortress just went Free-to-Play. Forever. If you’ve never played the ultra-violent cartoon shooter before, now you have absolutely no reason not to. My Steam profile claims I’ve poured over 40 hours into this, but I know its at least double that in reality because I was there from the very first beta. I’ve seen it evolve from the beginning, with constant free updates which have added new maps, new weapons and yes, hats… it really is amazing how much Valve have added to the game over the years and now its available completely free. Also, Meet the Medic below.


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Fallen Earth: Free 30-day Full Account Giveaway!

Fallen Earth Key Giveaway!

Yes, you read it right. There’s currently a free key giveaway for the post-apocalyptic MMO awesomeness that is Fallen Earth! Alienware are running this offer from their Alienware Arena site, so go and get one, NOW. (My knowledge of this, courtesy of Sam McCulloch.)

You’re welcome!

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100 MS Points for free – Don’t think, just do!

Free Microsoft Points

It’s all in the title. Follow this link and get 100 free MS points for Xbox Live. Sure, it’s not a lot, and you have to sign up to a Games for Windows newsletter, but 100 free points are still 100 free points, and surely worth the typing of one email address. Read More ››

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A Short Guide to Gaming for Free

With the recent release of Alien Swarm, I’ve had a bit of a craving for more free gaming. You’d be surprised how much fun you can have out there without spending a penny. You simply don’t get this in other industries, and not at this calibre – let’s face it, most free stuff out there in the real world is free for a reason: it’s unwanted, out-of-date, or just crap. As for free entertainment, imagine if your local cinema had free showings of some films? I can’t, frankly. Plus, if it’s anything like my local, going to the cinema is becoming an increasingly more expensive way to spend an evening. Why not save your cash and try some of these brilliant (and surprisingly sophisticated) free games.


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Review – Alien Swarm: Two can play that game!

With the free release of Valve’s Alien Swarm over a week ago, and after many hours spent playing online, BcR bring you a joint discussion about our time with the game and a review of just what makes this game so great. Apart from the fact that it’s free, of course!


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Syndicate – Retro Tactical PC Goodness

Syndicate (1993)

You may or may not be aware of this old tactical PC title by the name of Syndicate (1993), created by the legendary Bullfrog Productions. It was one of my favourite games back in my hay day of PC gaming. Playing as a squad of genetically and cybernetically altered, upgradeable cyborgs enslaved by a multi-national corporation, your sole goal is to take over the entire planet, wiping out all competition in your path. What a superb concept; no heroes, just raw carnage with a totally selfish goal in a dystopian, Blade Runner Esc future setting.

With the possibility of a new Syndicate game on the horizon, I wanted to try and enlighten any retro game fans about all of the supreme gaming qualities this game combined to make something I found incredibly fun, even only a few months ago when I downloaded and played it again for the first time in over ten years.


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Valve to release new Alien Swarm for free!

Wow, this is a nice surprise! Valve just announced that on Monday we’ll be getting a new game – for free! Alien Swarm was originally a mod for Unreal Tournament 2004, and it was bloody fantastic. Featuring 4 player co-op, it was a top-down 3rd person shooter, in which teamwork was the only way to survive through the campaign. As the title suggests, the meat of the game was in fending off waves of nasty beasties with sharp claws, but there were also objectives to complete and a story to fight your way through. I have fond memories of being scared shitless trying to hack through a door while my friends shouted “they’re coming! oh god theres THOUSANDS!” down their mic’s.


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