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Ubisoft Reveal New DRM Plans

Ubisoft recently revealed their plans to do away with the horrendous ‘always-on’ DRM. We all remember that, right? It used to be that whenever you played an Ubisoft game, you’d need a constant online connection to play your game, even in singleplayer. Thankfully, Ubisoft saw the light and have scrapped the system altogether. However, there has been little news about what they are replacing it with. Until now…


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FarCry 3 – Did I ever tell you the definition of insanity?

FarCry 3

FarCry 3 has been announced, with a pretty fun gameplay video from E3 and ay’thang. There’s a stealth aspect to it, some kind of CoD style points system for getting kills, and a Mohawk-wielding lunatic who doesn’t like you very much and has an obsession with the word ‘insanity’. So far, this looks like it could be a blast, but it’s hard to tell yet if there’s going to be any free-roam this time.


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Assassins Creed: Revelations – Ezio Got Old

Assassins Creed: Revelations

E3 is providing us with some mind-blowingly awesome trailers this year, and one of the highlights so far has been the Assassins Creed: Revelations gameplay and CGI videos. Whilst I had personally been a little disappointed at the news that the fourth installment in the series was yet another episode surrounding Ezio Auditore, I find myself rather pleased to see that he’s an older guy now, and perhaps this new game will have less of the wise-crack making, ladies-man attitude, and more of the gritty seriousness with some real stealthy assassinations. The gameplay trailer suggests a distinct lack of stealth, however; quite the opposite in fact.


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Review – Assassins Creed: Brotherhood

So, after an inexcusable 5 month delay, the PC version of Assassins Creed: Brotherhood finally arrived in March, and I’ve sunk a huge amount of time into it over these past few weeks, yet I haven’t even touched the multiplayer component. I have heard good things, but simply not had a chance to try it out yet, so for this review I will be focusing entirely on my singleplayer experience. Continuing where AC2 left off, Brotherhood expands the story of Ezio and Desmond in the most complete package in the franchise’s lifespan so far.


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Ubisoft – How Did It Come To This?

This has been covered in the news a lot lately, but I’m still not over it and feel it deserves a place in our Rants section. I’m talking about Ubisoft’s truly bewildering (read: INSANE) new DRM system. I strongly oppose the principle of it, and fear what it may mean to the future of PC gaming, especially if other companies start considering similar plans…


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