RAGE – New Trailer

We haven’t mentioned id’s Rage around here yet, and with a new trailer out today which shows off some of the gameplay, nows as good a time as any to fix that. I’m pretty excited about the prospect of Rage – the makers of Doom and Quake know what makes a good FPS, and since this is the first new IP of theirs in over a decade I reckon that excitement is more than justified.

It looks like a cross between Fallout and Borderlands, set in a huge post apocalyptic wasteland. Not much is known about the story yet, but the technical bits and pieces it has going for it are very impressive. The most notable of these for me is the giganto-texture packs. id’s new engine is capable of using a single, giant texture which covers huge areas of the game’s maps, which means every single detail is hand-crafted and there are no repeated textures. It makes for shorter loading times and prettier levels, essentially.

I would love to ramble more about technical awesomeness, but it’s late and I’ll just leave you with this brand new trailer.

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