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Gunpoint – Spying, Climbing and Jumping out of Windows

Gunpoint is an indie game being developed by PC games journalist Tom Francis. If you read PC Gamer like me, you’ll probably know him for his writing more so than his game development skills. Nonetheless, he seems to be doing a pretty good job of creating his first game. In it, you play a spy who has to break into office blocks, hack computers and take out guards before making a daring escape, quite often by leaping out of a third story window. But that’s not even the best bit. You get a gadget called the Crosslink, which basically lets you rewire any electrical device to almost any other in the building, allowing for some very creative puzzle solving…


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Limbo – Now on Steam

The darkly atmospheric platformer Limbo has just found a new home on the PC. If you didn’t play this when it came out on the 360 last year, now’s your chance to experience this most highly acclaimed indie hit. Featuring zero dialogue, you experience the story of a boy trapped in a very haunting world, void of colour as he traverses puzzles and obstacles, utilizing a satisfying physics engine and some of the most chilling sound design ever found in a game of this sort. Well worth £6.99 on Steam, here’s what Paul thought of it last year on XBLA. Read More ››

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Humbie Indie Bundle Strikes Back – Pay What You Want

Humble Indie Bundle 3

The Humble Indie Bundle has returned! Get your hands on 5, count em, FIVE glorious indie games for however much you want! That’s right! Want to pay 1 singular dollar? Do it! There’s no strings attached. You can even decide how much of your contribution to the developers goes to who. Think the developers deserve all the money? Make it so! Prefer it if amazing children’s charity Child’s Play gets it all? Go for it. It’s your donation, and a pretty freakin’ sweet reward for giving. Seriously, all five games work on PC and Mac, so unless you’re reading this on your mobile, you have NO excuses to not take part in this amazing offer. We already have, and I’m playing the hell out of Cogs, and there’s still Hammerfight, And Yet It Moves, VVVVVV, and Crayon Physics Deluxe to go. What a score!

Click here to go get Humble Indie Bundle 3! Read More ››

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Zeno Clash is Cheap! Also, Rock of Ages Trailer

Zeno Clash is on a sale over at Steam this weekend. The indie FPS melee brawler set in a tribal punk fantasy world features some of the most brutal and satisfying melee combat in any modern game. The tale it weaves is surprisingly charming too, featuring a host of weird characters and some gorgeous visual design. The developers, Team Ace, have a new game out soon too, and its about a giant rock bowling through time and smashing stuff up. Talk about a change of pace…


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Terrariarrific – How Terraria Dug a Hole and Stole My Heart


Terraria is, as many people might describe it, a 2D Minecraft. Some would argue that it’s nothing at all like Minecraft, despite being about digging for materials, crafting items, fighting monsters and exploring, but sure, I know what they mean.


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Minecraft 1.6 – A Wolf’s Tale

I tamed my first wolf the other day. Since 1.6 of the Minecraft beta was released, there’s been lots of cool new features, but by far the best addition is the packs of wolves that now roam the countryside. Now I can live the dream of exploring a new world with a canine companion. Its just like that film Cast Away, only with a dog instead of a football.


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The Humble Indie Bundle 3

There’s a new Humble Indie Bundle! Pay whatever you like and get 5 games by Frozenbyte. I can vouch for Trine, as I’ve played it to death and absolutely loved it. Shadowgrounds wasn’t quite so hot, but after Alien Swarm, maybe theres fun to be had in this top-down shooter. You get 2 bonus games which aren’t even released yet, but they look promising. Remember, half of the money goes to charity (if you choose), and its completely the cheapest way to get these games, considering you could get all 5 for just $1 if you so desired. Go on, check it out at www.humblebundle.com. Read More ››

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Minecraft – Pet Wolves!

The latest Minecraft update is on its way, and will feature pets! Pet wolves, to be precise. They are both cute and fearsome, as this new video suggests. Look at the way they shake themselves after having a swim! I know nothing more about this, but I can’t wait. Click below to see the video.


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Magicka – Wizards at War

This amusing indie game snuck past our radars last month, but a new trailer for a Vietnam expansion?/sequel? grabbed our attention quite easily. It looks like a cross between Castle Crashers and Diablo, with an emphasis on casting all manner of crazy spells and mowing down mobs of enemies. We have since both bought it on Steam and will be trying the co-op mode sometime soon, but in the meantime, check out the two highly entertaining trailers below.


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Minecraft – How to build a New World

Minecraft reached Beta towards the end of 2010, and we decided it was time to start building our own new world. We rent a server from Multiplay and have been playing Survival Multiplayer mode for several months, exploring the land, mining for treasures, discovering natural caverns and of course building a whole load of fortresses, towers and dungeons. Unlike Classic mode, which gives you an unlimited amount of blocks in a limited space (see The Realm of Bal’dock), SMP mode drops you in an empty, infinite map, and leaves you to your own devices. You start out with absolutely nothing and must gather up resources before you can use them, so your creations feel considerably more valuable because they take more effort to produce. Below is a visual guide to the world we’ve made. Welcome to Diggasaurus Park…


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Sleep is Death: The random story machine

Sleep is Death

Remember that game you used to play when you were a child, when you and a friend would make up a story, one word or sentence at a time. Usually it made little or no sense, but 90% of the time it was still hilarious somehow! Well, this is that game, but instead of just words, it’s pictures, actions, characters, and directing. It’s a story.. which is also a game.. which is also a basic form of Photoshop. Sound confusing? That’s because it’s so absurdly, ingeniously unique! It’s great fun once you pick up the controls and options available to you.


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Minecraft – Halloween Update is out!

Possibly the biggest update to Minecraft yet, Notch has added a whole heap of new features to the game. With an entire new ‘hell’ zone, biomes which adds weather effects and new environments, as well as new multiplayer support, nows the perfect time to see what all the fuss is about if you haven’t already. Or if like us, you were waiting for a good excuse to get back into the game, you just found it. Check out the full list of features on Notch’s blog here, or go download the latest game client from the Minecraft website. Read More ››

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