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Portal 2 Comic – Lab Rat

This is fantastic. In the buildup to Portal 2’s release, Valve have released some highly amusing Aperture Science videos (check back later for more on these…) as well as a new comic. Lab Rat uncovers some great little details regarding the plot to both Portal games and has a bunch of answers to some questions you might have had about the first game. Check it out over here, like, now. Read More ››

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Left 4 Dead Blowout News Hyper Special!

So much Left 4 Dead related shit right now! Firstly, the final part of The Sacrifice comic is out, and you can read it right here. Second, linked to that, The Sacrifice DLC is available today, and if you own either Left 4 Dead or L4D2, you can download it through Steam for free! Thirdly, Left 4 Dead 2 is now available on the Mac, and Valve have promised OSX support for the original L4D before Halloween arrives. And finally, to celebrate all of this, Valve have SLASHED (with a katana) the price of both games in one of their ridiculous sales – pick up either game for about a fiver, or get both for just under 8 quid. Rock on. Read More ››

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Left 4 Dead: The Sacrifice – Part 3!

Left 4 Dead: The Sacrifice

The third part of the Left 4 Dead: The Sacrifice web comic is out. Follow this link and read it, now! They make for an awesome zombie-filled and guts-strewn read, so don’t miss out on them! Read More ››

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Left 4 Dead – The Sacrifice Comic Part 2

Forgot to mention this when part 1 was released, admittedly. Left 4 Dead is getting its own comic series which will bridge the gap between the end of the first game and the upcoming DLC The Sacrifice, which will be available for owners of either game. It contains some excellent artwork, but I thought the writing was a bit cheesy myself. Still, it’s worth checking out if you’re curious about the back-story of the characters and want a bit more meat added to the overall story. I’m off to read Part 2 now, follow me over here… Read More ››

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