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Top Ten of 2011 – 3. Portal 2

At number 3 of the BcR Top Ten of 2011 is Valve’s latest endeavour to please its adoring fans, Portal 2. Bringing Chell, GLaDOS, and more fantastic characters back for a second and final brillant instalment in the franchise.


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Review – Portal 2: Peer Review

Portal 2: Peer Review

You may remember that a few months back, a little game called ‘Portal 2’ was released. It was no big deal or anything, just a sequel to an enormous cult success of a side-project game, which was only very slightly hyped up before release, so that a handful of people would be aware of it and maybe buy it later on. Of course – in true GLaDOS spirit – I’m lying, and it was one of the most cleverly hyped up games I have ever committed my wallet to. So naturally, when we finished that game, we did a review-thingy of the robotty co-op mode. Now, several months later, we’ve got round to trying out the brand new – and free! – Peer Review DLC, and spent roughly three hours completing the brain-melting puzzles that came with it.


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Portal 2 Co-op Discussion

Portal 2 came out a few weeks ago, after the gloriously frustrating, exciting, confusing and ridiculous ARG involving potatoes, Paul and I did what any self-respecting gamer would do. Yes, we set our pc’s up in a dark room, loaded up with snacks and LAN’d it up. We played through the entirety of the co-op mode and have gathered our thoughts. Here’s a clue: we liked it.


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Motherf- Portal 2 remains locked… for now.


Those sneaky bastards! Well, we waited with immense anticipation for today’s countdown timer on Aperturescience.com to hit 00:00:00, and most of the world – including ourselves – thought it would mean the early release of Portal 2. Sadly, we were massively mistaken, and the timer actually led us to let another timer. Good grief! Could Valve toy with us anymore?!

Anyway, the timer it led us to now is significantly more interesting, as it appears to be a page devoted to getting as many people playing a select handful of games, and gaining as many achievements as possible before the official release of Portal 2 on Steam next Tuesday. If the quota is met, then we seem to be promised an actual early release, instead of the fake one that we all believed was coming. Another suggestion has been that what is really being asked of us is that we merely play the games in one large coordinated effort, filling up the red meters on the new page, to produce enough fictional power to allow Portal 2 to release early.

Whatever the hell we need to be doing, we’re certainly going to put in some time on any of the required games that we currently own. Read More ››

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Portal 2 releasing early…

Aperture Countdown

… or so we hope! Something exciting is happening, and we really, really, really, really, really hope it’s that Portal 2 is releasing early. There’s speculation online at the moment, because this counter from the end of the recent ARG (Alternate Reality Game) to do with Portal 2’s upcoming release is highly suspicious. We have our fingers crossed for some really great news. We’ll be absolutely certain to post it here as soon as we know more! Read More ››

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Aperture Science Investment Ads

*edit*: Portal 2 will have a worldwide release on Steam – Tuesday 19th April 2011. The retail release date is slightly staggered, being Tuesday for North America, but Europe has to inexplicably wait ’til Thursday. Looks like Steam is the way to go.


Ahem… If you’ve got Portal 2 pre-ordered on Steam, feel free to begin pre-loading it right now. If you do, it means you’ll be able to play the second it gets unlocked, which will be Thursday in the UK/Europe, or Tuesday night if you’re lucky enough to live in America. Damn yanks. Anyway, Valve have been making some hilarious Aperture Science ‘Investment Ads’ over the last couple of weeks, and they’re embedded below.


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Portal 2 Comic – Lab Rat

This is fantastic. In the buildup to Portal 2’s release, Valve have released some highly amusing Aperture Science videos (check back later for more on these…) as well as a new comic. Lab Rat uncovers some great little details regarding the plot to both Portal games and has a bunch of answers to some questions you might have had about the first game. Check it out over here, like, now. Read More ››

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Valentines Day Ad of the Week

Portal 2 will be available for pre-order very soon! Read More ››

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Hug of the Week

Taken from the new extended teaser trailer for Valve’s upcoming Portal 2, but I refuse to link to it until there’s a nice high-res version out there. Portal 2 will feature a dynamic hug simulator, among other amusing emotes. Click for big version! Read More ››

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Portal 2 Robo-co-op

Look at them! Just look at them! Portal 2 will definitely feature co-op, and you’ll apparently play as 2 robots each with their own portal guns. I wonder if this will link to the single player story in any way, or just be a separate component to the main game? Either way, you simply must click below to watch the new teaser trailer.


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Portal 2 – Stephen Merchant joins cast

Portal 2 has been given a release date! February 9th 2011, apparantly. Watch it slip to at least Christmas 2013, once we approach that date, though. But that’s not all! If you’ve seen the videos a month or two ago, you’ll have seen Wheatley, a little spherical robot that accompanies you through some of the levels. He will now be played by Stephen Merchant, which is bloody brilliant. Don’t spoil the game by watching the footage below (is what I told myself before and while watching it).


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