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Currently Playing: Brotherhood, Starcraft2, Undead Nightmare

Once again I find myself in the middle of a trio of games conveniently giving me an excuse to write up another of this little articles. Two of these games I started in 2010, and the other is also from last year but I decided to endure the inexplicable 5 month delay for the PC version… Assassins Creed Brotherhood was very much worth the wait, I have a few missions left of Starcraft 2, and I’ve honestly no idea how many more zombies I’ll be killing in Undead Nightmare, but I just unlocked the blunderbuss which should make everything a lot easier from here on.


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Starcraft 2 – First Impressions

Starcraft 2

I’ve never played the original Starcraft, so I had no expectations about how good the sequel should be when I installed it and logged in using a free trial key. Barely 3 hours into the 7 hour trial, I decided I had to own this game, so I took a bunch of Xbox games I wasn’t playing anymore to a shop and traded them, which left only £2.50 to pay in cash. Win!


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No Gold, No Games…

I have a habit. It’s a fun habit, but it’s also a very, very bad habit. It’s buying almost every new game that comes out for the 360, regardless of whether it has a review or not, good or bad. This has cost me dearly in situations where I’ve bought numerous games before knowing anything about how good they may or may not be, only to be left massively disappointed (i.e. Lost Planet 2, Naughty Bear).

This is a habit (addiction?) I’ve been forced to give up, and not because somebody said I should, or because I had some kind of epiphany about how life could be so much more without games. It’s because I have no money…


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StarCraft 2 – It’s very nearly here…

I never actually played the original StarCraft, and so I’m not that excited about the ridiculously-long-awaited-and-hyped-to-shit sequel, but any follow-up to the game that became a national sport in South Korea is worthy of attention, especially since it’s out on Tuesday. That, and I’m a sucker for Blizzard’s truly masterful CGI animation, of which the newest trailer is mostly made up of.


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