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Top Ten of 2011 – 5. Deus Ex: Human Revolution

We all breathed a sigh of relief when Deus Ex Human Revolution finally hit the market: it was actually as good as it looked. Since Invisible War struggled to improve upon its predecessors achievements and success, we found it hard to believe there could be a worthy successor to Deus Ex with a third installment, but with this intelligent and satisfying prequel, we were rendered immobile for days until completing it. The dystopian future Adam Jensen comes from is rich in detail, and the man himself was a hugely versatile protagonist, allowing us to make the ultimate choice: sneak past, or elbow sword to the neck?


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Review – Deus Ex: Human Revolution

To say I’m a fan of the original Deus Ex is a bit of an understatement, and I must admit that my hopes and expectations of this prequel were mountainous. Dozens of trailers and gameplay previews teased me with what was clearly a beautifully designed game graphically, but I was dying to know if the story and gameplay would prove to be as deep and ambitious as its older brother. And now we find ourselves in the present. I have played through the entirety of Human Revolution, and I now know the answer…


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Currently Playing – Deus Ex 3, Bastion, Alice

The summer gaming drought is drawing to a close at long last. These past few months have felt very much like the ‘calm before the storm’ because while there were no new releases to get particularly excited about, this autumn is looking to be an unbelievably expensive time. The likes of Battlefield 3, Skyrim, Uncharted 3, Arkham City, Rage, Modern Warfare 3, the latest Assassins Creed game and of course Minecraft, are all due out between now and Christmas. I’ve no idea how I’m gonna find time to play them all. Kicking off the big releases last week was Paul and myself’s most anticipated game of the year, the prequel to one of the best games of all time – Deus Ex: Human Revolution. Is it any good? Well, we’re not willing to go into too much detail yet, but the short answer is a definitive ‘yes’. I also picked up the top-down indie adventure Bastion, and the visually stunning Alice: Madness Returns. Read on to find out what I think so far…


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Cyborg Day – Deus Ex: Human Revolution

Brb for a few days.

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Launch Trailer of the Week

Deus Ex: Human Revolution is out this week. We are quite looking forward to playing it. If you’re lucky enough to be American, you should stop reading and go play it right now… just don’t tell us. We’ll get angry. Read More ››

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