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Gorgeous Skyrim Time Lapse

Skyrim has well and truly taken over our lives these past few weeks. The game sold so many copies in its first week that the total player count was higher than that of Modern Warfare 3 at one point. So, there’s a good chance if you’re reading this, you too have been busily questing your way through one of the biggest games of the year, and have explored its snowy wilderness. Which brings me to this stunning time lapse video of Skyrim’s world. Its quite something…


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Skyrim is Almost Here…

And it has a new trailer. It’s very nice, and rather subdued, especially compared to most game trailers we are treated to, choosing to simply show off some of the locations and NPC’s we’re all likely to explore and meet once Friday hits. Yep, just 3 days to go. Man, I intend to get so utterly lost in this…


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Notch and Mojang are being Sued

What a load of crap this is. Notch, creator of Minecraft and all-round indie-game legend, is being sued by Bethesda. Mojang have upset some uppity bigwigs by trying to call their new game ‘Scrolls’, which apparantly is too similar to ‘The Elder Scrolls’ (Morrowind, Oblivion, Skyrim, etc). As a gamer with enough basic knowledge to understand they are 2 completely different games based on 2 very different genres – one is a sprawling third-person RPG, the other is a card collecting game with a fantasy theme – I can’t understand why such a fuss should be made. And yet here we are again. The world of copyright and trademarks can be pretty damn infuriating sometimes. The fact that this one involves two game developers I am very fond of is saddening.

Amusing Creeper Lawyer pic from Minecraft Lawyer.

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RAGE – Uprising Trailer

More information about Rage is slowly being drip-fed from Bethesda’s hype-machine of marketing videos. For starters, it turns out the world is in such a sorry state thanks to an uninvited meteor which decided to visit Earth and you are one of the lucky survivors who escaped death by sleeping through the disaster in stasis. You are one of very few ‘arc survivors’ and that apparantly makes you very valuable to the ‘authorities’ of this otherwise lawless place. The trailer below is chock full of story introduction and fun-looking gameplay.


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