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Deus Ex 3 – Gameplay Video

Deus Ex 3

This trailer is already over a month old, so it’s only just still news (to people like me who somehow missed it, at least!) but if you’ve never heard of Deus Ex, you owe it to yourself to watch this gameplay trailer and be amazed at how bloody cool it looks.


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Dead Space 2 – Multiplayer Beta Gameplay

Dead Space 2

Dead Space 2 currently appears to be set for an early 2011 release (to my dismay) and after hearing that it’s going to have a multiplayer side to it, we’ve been wondering how that could work in a single-player game that made such a huge impact in our survival horror part of our gaming lives. Apparently, one of the main multiplayer features (if not the only) of the game is a 4v4, objective-based struggle between humans and necromorphs and requires that the humans fight to complete a set of tasks, all the while defending against the mutant menace on the other team, who’s sole purpose is to stop them (see video below).


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Bioshock Infinite – Goodbye Rapture, Hello Columbia!

Bioshock Infinite

There’s some exciting yet controversial news for Bioshock fans! There’s an all-new game on the horizon (woo!) but it’s not set underwater, not about Rapture, and well, seems to have next-to-nothing to do with Bioshock 1 or 2…


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Syndicate – Retro Tactical PC Goodness

Syndicate (1993)

You may or may not be aware of this old tactical PC title by the name of Syndicate (1993), created by the legendary Bullfrog Productions. It was one of my favourite games back in my hay day of PC gaming. Playing as a squad of genetically and cybernetically altered, upgradeable cyborgs enslaved by a multi-national corporation, your sole goal is to take over the entire planet, wiping out all competition in your path. What a superb concept; no heroes, just raw carnage with a totally selfish goal in a dystopian, Blade Runner Esc future setting.

With the possibility of a new Syndicate game on the horizon, I wanted to try and enlighten any retro game fans about all of the supreme gaming qualities this game combined to make something I found incredibly fun, even only a few months ago when I downloaded and played it again for the first time in over ten years.


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Fallout – How I stumbled into the Wasteland

It’s only a few months now until Fallout New Vegas is released, and personally I just can’t wait! In great anticipation and as a huge fan of everything Fallout, I thought it could be fun to revisit my own story of how I found Fallout, and the path it has taken since the very first game by Black Isle Studios in 1997, right up to the brightly-lit release due out this Autumn.


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Upcoming Awesomeness

It has been a superb time to be a gamer the last few years. The current generation has probably peaked in terms of quality, and we’ve seen some revolutionary gaming titles. The likes of Bioshock, Portal, and Dead Space are all superb examples of new franchises, but as is often the case in gaming we’ve had some truly amazing sequels. Grand Theft Auto 4 found universal critical praise (and mammoth sales figures) upon release, Assassins Creed 2 proved that listening to criticism will help you produce a vastly improved experience for your fans, and after years of delays and speculation Team Fortress 2 has shown just how far you can push the concept of multiplayer to its full potential.

This generation isn’t quite over yet, and these are a few of the games I’m eagerly awaiting, but haven’t heard much from recently…


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