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The Humble Introversion Bundle

It’s once again time to get some fantastic games for almost no money. The latest Humble Bundle is out, and it contains all of Introversion’s back catalogue. So, if you don’t already own Uplink, Darwinia, Defcon, or Multiwinia, and would be willing to part with a single quid (or indeed, less), check it out. The company has been struggling to survive for the last few years, so I truly hope this makes them a crapton of money so they can continue making Subversion, which they had to abandon recently. Amusing trailer is below.


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Humbie Indie Bundle Strikes Back – Pay What You Want

Humble Indie Bundle 3

The Humble Indie Bundle has returned! Get your hands on 5, count em, FIVE glorious indie games for however much you want! That’s right! Want to pay 1 singular dollar? Do it! There’s no strings attached. You can even decide how much of your contribution to the developers goes to who. Think the developers deserve all the money? Make it so! Prefer it if amazing children’s charity Child’s Play gets it all? Go for it. It’s your donation, and a pretty freakin’ sweet reward for giving. Seriously, all five games work on PC and Mac, so unless you’re reading this on your mobile, you have NO excuses to not take part in this amazing offer. We already have, and I’m playing the hell out of Cogs, and there’s still Hammerfight, And Yet It Moves, VVVVVV, and Crayon Physics Deluxe to go. What a score!

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The Humble Indie Bundle 3

There’s a new Humble Indie Bundle! Pay whatever you like and get 5 games by Frozenbyte. I can vouch for Trine, as I’ve played it to death and absolutely loved it. Shadowgrounds wasn’t quite so hot, but after Alien Swarm, maybe theres fun to be had in this top-down shooter. You get 2 bonus games which aren’t even released yet, but they look promising. Remember, half of the money goes to charity (if you choose), and its completely the cheapest way to get these games, considering you could get all 5 for just $1 if you so desired. Go on, check it out at www.humblebundle.com. Read More ››

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