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Review – Portal 2: Peer Review

Portal 2: Peer Review

You may remember that a few months back, a little game called ‘Portal 2’ was released. It was no big deal or anything, just a sequel to an enormous cult success of a side-project game, which was only very slightly hyped up before release, so that a handful of people would be aware of it and maybe buy it later on. Of course – in true GLaDOS spirit – I’m lying, and it was one of the most cleverly hyped up games I have ever committed my wallet to. So naturally, when we finished that game, we did a review-thingy of the robotty co-op mode. Now, several months later, we’ve got round to trying out the brand new – and free! – Peer Review DLC, and spent roughly three hours completing the brain-melting puzzles that came with it.


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Limbo – Now on Steam

The darkly atmospheric platformer Limbo has just found a new home on the PC. If you didn’t play this when it came out on the 360 last year, now’s your chance to experience this most highly acclaimed indie hit. Featuring zero dialogue, you experience the story of a boy trapped in a very haunting world, void of colour as he traverses puzzles and obstacles, utilizing a satisfying physics engine and some of the most chilling sound design ever found in a game of this sort. Well worth £6.99 on Steam, here’s what Paul thought of it last year on XBLA. Read More ››

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Steam Summer Sale is Here!

That’s right kids, it’s time to spend all your money on cheap games at the Steam Summer Sale! Paul and I picked the wrong time to make a “No-New-Games Pact”. Steam has a habit of having the most absurd sales on the web, and this one seems to be no exception. Theres a load load of new and old games ranging from every genre you can imagine. Portal 2 for 20 quid stands out for me. Lots of good indie games going for cheap too. Happy spending! Read More ››

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