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Garrys Mod is cheap

We bought Garrys Mod. Yeah, we’re so last-year, but its cheap on Steam right now, so you should go get it and build crazy contraptions and weird scenes like the one above. Click for full-size. Read More ››

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Minecraft – Growing and growing and growing…

We’ve had a surge of hits in the past few days, and it’s 99% because of Minecraft. I’ve covered the game before, and took you on a tour of a world we created in the ‘classic’ version of the game, but a LOT has happened in the land of cubes lately, so I thought it was a good to have a little catch up…


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Indie games are in.

Right now, if you are an independent game developer, you’ve never had quite so many opportunities for showing off your skills, though you’ll likely be up against some rock solid competition – some of the best games of the last few years haven’t come from the giant mega-corporations, but rather from much smaller companies (and in some cases individual ‘bedroom coders’). Xbox Live Arcade, Steam, Flash gaming portals – there’s so much exposure out there right now, and it has resulted in a surge of innovative new gaming titles. Indie games are definitely in.


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Review – Limbo: If at first you don’t succeed, die, die again…


What if you woke up in a strange place with no friends, no colour, a whole lot of nasty stuff that might (definitely) try and kill you in vicious ways, and the ability to only move left or right on a 2D plane? Well, according to the imaginations of the folks at games company Playdead, you’d most likely be in Limbo trying to save your sister, though you won’t have known this unless you actually read the description for the game.


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Minecraft – How to Build a World

This is Minecraft. Paul and I, along with a few other mates have been playing this deceivingly simple-looking indie game for a few months now. It’s been made in Java, and is currently in pre-alpha, yet has gathered so much interest the maker has all but turned his full attention to the game, even quitting his day job so he can focus on adding more features to his game, which has the potential to be massive upon its release. In its current state, the best feature is the multiplayer creative mode. It’s all about building stuff out of square shaped bricks – think virtual Lego, only everything is made of differently textured cubes. We have been slowly building up our own little world, and I thought it could be fun to take you on a tour of our weird creations. Welcome to the Realm of Bal’dock. Be warned, this post contains a ton of pictures. Read More ››

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