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Ubisoft Reveal New DRM Plans

Ubisoft recently revealed their plans to do away with the horrendous ‘always-on’ DRM. We all remember that, right? It used to be that whenever you played an Ubisoft game, you’d need a constant online connection to play your game, even in singleplayer. Thankfully, Ubisoft saw the light and have scrapped the system altogether. However, there has been little news about what they are replacing it with. Until now…


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Half Life 3 announced

It is a glorious day. After years of delays, speculation and anticipation, Valve have officially announced Half Life 3. Gordon Freeman has been absent from gaming for far too long, but he’s finally returning. We all knew it was coming, but until now we’ve had no information and not even a single screenshot to gawp at, but overnight that has all changed. Read on for all the details.


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