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Review – Assassins Creed: Brotherhood

So, after an inexcusable 5 month delay, the PC version of Assassins Creed: Brotherhood finally arrived in March, and I’ve sunk a huge amount of time into it over these past few weeks, yet I haven’t even touched the multiplayer component. I have heard good things, but simply not had a chance to try it out yet, so for this review I will be focusing entirely on my singleplayer experience. Continuing where AC2 left off, Brotherhood expands the story of Ezio and Desmond in the most complete package in the franchise’s lifespan so far.


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Currently Playing: Brotherhood, Starcraft2, Undead Nightmare

Once again I find myself in the middle of a trio of games conveniently giving me an excuse to write up another of this little articles. Two of these games I started in 2010, and the other is also from last year but I decided to endure the inexplicable 5 month delay for the PC version… Assassins Creed Brotherhood was very much worth the wait, I have a few missions left of Starcraft 2, and I’ve honestly no idea how many more zombies I’ll be killing in Undead Nightmare, but I just unlocked the blunderbuss which should make everything a lot easier from here on.


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The Brotherhood is coming…FINALLY!

Assassins Creed Brotherhood is finally available to pre-order for PC, with the confirmed release date of March 18th. So if like me (to be honest I think I’m the only one) you’ve been patiently waiting for the PC release, it’s time to rejoice! As an added bonus, there’s a rumour that the game will not include Ubisoft’s dreaded new DRM system which requires you to have a constant online connection to their servers… Perhaps they’ve finally seen the light. Read More ››

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