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Currently Playing: Brotherhood, Starcraft2, Undead Nightmare

Once again I find myself in the middle of a trio of games conveniently giving me an excuse to write up another of this little articles. Two of these games I started in 2010, and the other is also from last year but I decided to endure the inexplicable 5 month delay for the PC version… Assassins Creed Brotherhood was very much worth the wait, I have a few missions left of Starcraft 2, and I’ve honestly no idea how many more zombies I’ll be killing in Undead Nightmare, but I just unlocked the blunderbuss which should make everything a lot easier from here on.


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Zombie Swarm of the Week

Zombie Swarm of the week

Red Dead Redemption’s latest (and definitely most amazing looking) DLC content has just been released, and I wants it. Sadly, I was a massive fool and because I had connection issues with the multiplayer part of the main retail game, I got sick of owning it for no reason anymore once I had completed it, and traded it in for a decent £20. Now that Undead Nightmare is out, and it looks effing awesome, I’m seriously pissed at myself for getting rid of RDR so early. Never mind, though. Expect a review on this from Matt soon enough.

Click here for hi-res goodness.

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