Portal 2 releasing early…

Aperture Countdown

… or so we hope! Something exciting is happening, and we really, really, really, really, really hope it’s that Portal 2 is releasing early. There’s speculation online at the moment, because this counter from the end of the recent ARG (Alternate Reality Game) to do with Portal 2’s upcoming release is highly suspicious. We have our fingers crossed for some really great news. We’ll be absolutely certain to post it here as soon as we know more!

Watch the countdown yourself. Personally, I ain’t closing that window until the timer reveals its delicious secret. See you in around 6 hours!

*Update*: Despite already being pre-loaded on my computer since yesterday, Portal 2 is suddenly updating again in Steam. Could this be something to do with our countdown? Only 30 minutes remain…

*Update*: More clues here!

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