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Review – Alien Swarm: Two can play that game!

With the free release of Valve’s Alien Swarm over a week ago, and after many hours spent playing online, BcR bring you a joint discussion about our time with the game and a review of just what makes this game so great. Apart from the fact that it’s free, of course!


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Valve to release new Alien Swarm for free!

Wow, this is a nice surprise! Valve just announced that on Monday we’ll be getting a new game – for free! Alien Swarm was originally a mod for Unreal Tournament 2004, and it was bloody fantastic. Featuring 4 player co-op, it was a top-down 3rd person shooter, in which teamwork was the only way to survive through the campaign. As the title suggests, the meat of the game was in fending off waves of nasty beasties with sharp claws, but there were also objectives to complete and a story to fight your way through. I have fond memories of being scared shitless trying to hack through a door while my friends shouted “they’re coming! oh god theres THOUSANDS!” down their mic’s.


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