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Team Fortress 2 – Now FREE to Play

Team Fortress just went Free-to-Play. Forever. If you’ve never played the ultra-violent cartoon shooter before, now you have absolutely no reason not to. My Steam profile claims I’ve poured over 40 hours into this, but I know its at least double that in reality because I was there from the very first beta. I’ve seen it evolve from the beginning, with constant free updates which have added new maps, new weapons and yes, hats… it really is amazing how much Valve have added to the game over the years and now its available completely free. Also, Meet the Medic below.


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Team Fortress 2: Some VERY late first impressions:

Team Fortress 2

Yesterday I somehow found my way into playing Team Fortress 2 again properly on my PC, despite only ever playing games on my 360 for the last 4 years or so. I felt like reminiscing a little about when I used to play games on my PC, and have been considering the possibility that I might well go back to PC gaming soon.


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