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Gaming Memories – Alone in the Dark

Format: DOS
Release date: 1992

The first horror game I ever played, and I never got beyond the room in the attic where the wolf attacks you. All 5 polygons of the terrifying beast were enough to send me fleeing from the room, leaving my father to deal with it. It was one of the only gaming memories I can share with my dad because he is absolutely uninterested in the world of videogames. Maybe that’s why I remember Alone in the Dark. It was the start of a peculiar love/hate relationship I have with scary games, which I’ve just realised could only have started when I was about 6 years old trying to shove a chest across a trap door to stop the zombie and then a shelf in front of a window to block the awful wolf… Read More ››

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Horror Games are Too Scary for their Own Good

I am a wimp. I can freely admit it, and I feel no shame. There have been many horror games I’ve purchased in the past, convincing myself that I’ll get through them, but aside from a few exceptions – the first Dead Space being a particularly proud moment – it’s fair to say I am a total failure when it comes to finishing horror games.


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