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Review – World in Conflict

World in Conflict

Years after it’s release, I felt the need a few months ago to grab a copy of the World in Conflict complete edition from the bargain shelf in Game, since it was only £3. I was buying Dead Space 2 at the time, so I had my priorities, too, before I could get round to actually playing it. I always fancied the look of it, and so I decided to whet my appetite for a decent strategy game I hadn’t played yet.


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Currently Playing – Dead Space 2, GTA:TBoGT & WiC

Currently Playing...

So despite having booked an expensive holiday that I can only just afford, I somehow still manage to find the money lying around to splash out on all (most) of the awesome games I want. It’s a great life, living on the cusp of being broke and having enough money to pay my rent and eat, though when I do things like book holidays and buy games all the time, being in a perpetual state of getting by isn’t such a strenuous thing to endure. So let’s see which games I’ve got my mitts on at the moment…


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