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Dead Space 2

Dead Space 2 currently appears to be set for an early 2011 release (to my dismay) and after hearing that it’s going to have a multiplayer side to it, we’ve been wondering how that could work in a single-player game that made such a huge impact in our survival horror part of our gaming lives. Apparently, one of the main multiplayer features (if not the only) of the game is a 4v4, objective-based struggle between humans and necromorphs and requires that the humans fight to complete a set of tasks, all the while defending against the mutant menace on the other team, who’s sole purpose is to stop them (see video below).

Sadly, I have one worry with what this game could end up like. You know how the first Dead Space was pretty much pant-shittingly scary? And how Resident Evil 5 just wasn’t scary whatsoever? Well, the thing that worries me about Dead Space 2 having multiplayer modes included is that as soon as you take the element of isolation and being alone out of a game that focuses on the character being all by himself 99% of the time, and instead you could be running around with a bunch of friends shooting things here, there and everywhere, you run the risk of taking away the whole thing that made the game so scary – and as a result, great – in the first place.

Resident Evil 5 wasn’t scary at all, and not because the monsters weren’t good (they were), or because the scenarios were badly designed (they weren’t), but because you were never alone. When you have a friend backing you up and talking to you the entire time, you generally don’t feel as much pressure or fear as you would had you been on your own, with nobody else to rely on. Don’t get me wrong, I’d rather they included more stuff in DS2 than less, I just hope it won’t take away any of the fear from the core of the game; being able to play as the necromorphs themselves with your friends might make them seem less like a horrific monster lurking in the shadows to be utterly terrified and panicked by, but more like just another controllable computer game character. Let’s hope they completely disprove my concerns, because I can’t wait for this game, and if the multiplayer ends up being awesome then I’ll never doubt them again.

Check out the video below to see some gameplay from the recent Dead Space 2 multiplayer closed beta:

Roll on, January!

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