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Cyborg Day – JC Denton

There’s only one game I’m thinking of today, but we can’t have a ‘Cyborg Day’ without mentioning the game that preceded today’s big release over a decade ago. I say ‘precedes’, but technically Deus Ex: Human Revolution is set before JC Denton even existed. Alas, let us reminisce. The original Deus Ex was (and still is) one of the best games ever made, so it’s only fitting we celebrate this with some amusing YouTube videos that take the piss out of it. Click below and enjoy.


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Cyborg Day – Boy gets a Robot Hand

In other cyborg-related news, a boy from Berkshire, England who was born without his left hand has been granted an actual bionic hand, thanks to a £35k sponsorship from Mercedes. It has nerve inputs which means he can control it with his own muscles, and actually manipulate objects. It looks just like something out of Deus Ex. And what does he do with one of the most technologically advanced prosthetic hands, of which less than one hundred exist the entire world? Plays videogames, of course. Check out the video of it here, its a ridiculously impressive piece of engineering. Read More ››

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Cyborg Day – Machine Man

I’d like to tell you about a book. Wait, don’t leave. Its about a man who wants to be a cyborg. Sounds good, right? It’s the story of a scientist who, after chopping off his own leg in a freak accident involving a huge bit of industrial machinery, decides to build himself a new one. He quickly realises the benefits of technology over biology and delves into a journey of self-discovery, voluntary amputation and a bit of love.


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