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Notch and Mojang are being Sued

What a load of crap this is. Notch, creator of Minecraft and all-round indie-game legend, is being sued by Bethesda. Mojang have upset some uppity bigwigs by trying to call their new game ‘Scrolls’, which apparantly is too similar to ‘The Elder Scrolls’ (Morrowind, Oblivion, Skyrim, etc). As a gamer with enough basic knowledge to understand they are 2 completely different games based on 2 very different genres – one is a sprawling third-person RPG, the other is a card collecting game with a fantasy theme – I can’t understand why such a fuss should be made. And yet here we are again. The world of copyright and trademarks can be pretty damn infuriating sometimes. The fact that this one involves two game developers I am very fond of is saddening.

Amusing Creeper Lawyer pic from Minecraft Lawyer.

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