VGAs – A Bunch of Game Trailers

The Video Game Awards were this weekend and some games won some prizes. More importantly were the new game trailers that were released, and I’ve embedded 3 of my favourites below for your viewing pleasure. Check out the new Alan Wake game, awesome footage of Mass Effect 3, and the first footage of Naughty Dog’s new game The Last of Us.

Alan Wake: American Nightmare

Not Alan Wake 2, as Remedy have been clear to explain, this new game is download-only, so expect it on the Xbox Live Arcade sometime next year. It looks like more Alan Wake, basically. That can’t be a bad thing, but I hope they really do get the chance to make a true sequel somewhere down the line.

Mass Effect 3

So, its a video of Shepherd running towards a Reaper by himself, and I say out loud “what can even Shepherd do against THAT?”. And I am immediately hushed when a thresher maw leaps out of the ground and tries to eat it. Oh, fuck yes.

The Last of Us

If Naughty Dog were working on this during the development of Uncharted 3, then it explains a lot. They should have focused on making Uncharted less of an unfair balls-ache before coming up with a new IP. Still, can’t deny I’m intrigued by the prospect of a post-apocalyptic game made by these guys.

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