Minecraft – How to (accidentally) Destroy a World


I know what you’re thinking. You’re thinking ‘Why does that little Minecraft man look so sad?‘. That little Minecraft man is Matt’s, and I have to take this moment to congratulate Matt on his achievement earlier this week, the achievement of managing to accidentally wipe an entire (new) world of things that a bunch of people worked pretty hard on. How the hell did he do that, you ask? Well, in the attempt to update our server so we could enjoy the wonders of the latest updates from version 1.3 (including a new lighting engine and BEDS), he inadvertently reset the server, losing the entire world and setting us back in a brand new world to start again. Now, thankfully, all I had built was a pretty shit skyscraper, and all the spawns were completely buggered (10 creepers per day attacking my structures), but there was also a lot of other hard work done by other members of the server. So yes, Matt, you should feel terrible.

There were lava-pits, crumbling skyscrapers, stairways to heaven (seriously), and vast stockpiles of resources found in the most treacherous places beneath the surface, in the most deadly and dangerous caves, where brave souls spent hours – nay, days – marching through hell and back, just to find that one extra diamond they needed for the best tools they could craft, in their never ending search for.. well.. more diamonds. It was truly another sight to behold. But sadly, Matt clicked one tiny button and nuked the entire thing. Sure, he did it before, but this time it was completely unintentional…


The world is now a barren land of sadness. Luckily though, I’ve already built a house on it!


Matt now spends his days crying in this Minecraft bed, wishing for the days when the world was a simpler place. Technically, he already got his wish.


At least we have a whole new blank canvass to work from again, and the secksy new lighting! My addiction has just been reset.

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  1. Matt Clarke says:

    Yeah… my bad…

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