Unbelievable Facial Animation in L.A Noire

LA Noire

Today I saw for the first time this video about the incredible facial animation technology for the upcoming LA Noire, Rockstar Games’ soon-to-arrive, gritty looking crime thriller. The game, from what I’ve read and seen, allows you to see real live emotions through the faces of the characters in the game, and allows for a whole new element of realistic, lie-detecting gameplay, adding an incredibly realistic new angle to the concept of a crime solving game. I can’t wait to see this in action in the full game, but until then I’ll just have to be content with seeing amazing videos like this one:

What an awesome new prospect on the horizon for gaming and technology! What next? Real pain when shot in Call of Duty? Actual money pouring into our bank accounts when we sell stolen cars in GTA 4? Some we’d like, some we wouldn’t, but the fact is things are getting more and more advanced and there’s no telling what we could see in even a year’s time! I can’t bloody wait! That is, just as long as I don’t ever have to see Orlando Bloom or Justin Bieber’s face in any future games…

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