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Review – L.A Noire

LA Noire

It’s a thundering, rainy evening. I pull up to a crime scene with my partner, the tyres of the car squelching to a stop in the wet mud. I take a step out of the car and make my way past the reporters and flash photography, up to the cordoned off area to speak with the officer on duty about the situation. I’m given the details, and find myself right in the middle of a murder investigation. There’s a body, some footprints, and a variety of possible clues scattered around the area. A shocked witness sits nearby beneath an umbrella, ready for questioning. It’s time to get my hands dirty and solve another gruesome case. This is LA Noire.


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No Brink ’cause I’m Broke…

It’s that time of year again! The car insurance is due out, there’s endless bills, and sadly, I have to eat, so I have little or no cash to spend on the things that truly matter, like video games! This happened last year though, and hopefully it’ll pass pretty sharpish… What a bad time for it to happen though! In only 4 days we have Brink’s release (May 13th), Brink being a game that I really bloody want, and not to mention L.A. Noire is out about a week later (May 20th). Woe is me! I won’t be surprised, however, if I’m extremely irresponsible and get a hold of them one way or another anyway… Read More ››

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Unbelievable Facial Animation in L.A Noire

LA Noire

Today I saw for the first time this video about the incredible facial animation technology for the upcoming LA Noire, Rockstar Games’ soon-to-arrive, gritty looking crime thriller. The game, from what I’ve read and seen, allows you to see real live emotions through the faces of the characters in the game, and allows for a whole new element of realistic, lie-detecting gameplay, adding an incredibly realistic new angle to the concept of a crime solving game. I can’t wait to see this in action in the full game, but until then I’ll just have to be content with seeing amazing videos like this one:


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