Move over, Danny Boyle.. We’re better!

GTA IV Video Editor

Along with dozens of other impulse-purchases thanks (or no thanks) to the recent Christmas sale on Steam, we decided to get our hands on the entire GTA IV collection for about £6 in December, which right now has ended up being one of the best decisions we made last year. Why? The GTA IV video editor, that’s why! Next stop, Hollywood.

Basically, we find running each other over/jumping from atop a bridge onto each others’ cars in Grand Theft Auto IV far too entertaining. Seeing that amazing NaturalMotion ragdoll engine at work when characters are hit by cars or blown away by a rocket basically makes our day. So after seeing one of the most amazing Machinima videos ever, ‘The Brothers Mario’, on YouTube, we decided we wanted to try our hand at video production in GTA IV ourselves…

What has come about from it so far is a bloody ridiculous amount of stupid, idiotic, childish, immature, but ultimately hilarious scenes that we’ve managed to chop together to make a bunch of laugh-out-loud worthy (at least for us!) videos of us being the opposite of genius in GTA IV. So many of the funniest moments were entirely random events that we hadn’t actually planned out, and for that reason, the comedy value was even higher.

I played as an FBI-type fellow, and Matt as a gimp/burglar chap.


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