Bulletstorm demo is explosive, face-kicking fun


I downloaded the Bulletstorm demo the other day and had a quick run through, because I was certain it was going to be awesome fun. With phrases like “dick-tits!” and “son of a dick!” uttered by the NPCs every now and then, how on Earth could it not be fun?

Whipping people into the air with an electric slow-motion inducing whip, kicking them in the face and/or crotch, shooting them in the face and/or crotch, and firing bizarre weapons such as two grenades attached to a small chain that wraps around any part of someones body (like the face and/or… leg) before it then explodes them into bloody chunks of limbs and other such important body parts, has never been appeared to be quite such mindless gory fun since the sticky grenades and assault rifle mounted chainsaws of Gears of War 2.

Though you only get three weapons in the demo (five if you include the whip and mega-tough foot you kick with) each of them has some kind of insane alternate attack as well. For example, the bog-standard assault rifle shoots your average, everyday bullets – but click the alt-fire button, and suddenly you will be ready to fire a red-hot rod of steel that disintegrates your enemies. Take the typical handgun weapon, hit the secondary fire mode, and suddenly rather than ordinary lead, you will fire an exploding flare that sets fire to everyone it explodes next to.

The whole point of the game is being sold as ‘killing with skill’, and from my experience of the game, and after watching trailers, you are simply expected to put together the most creative, absurd, gory, painful looking kills known to man. Whether it means strangling a man with your grenade chain weapon, whipping him into the air with your electric whip, and the kicking him crotch first into a wall of spikes, only to be impaled a second before he explodes everywhere into nasty bits of human remains, or any of the other countless ways to destroy your enemies, this game seems like it’s going to be a complete and utter brain-fuck, head-blast – and it’s definitely going to be a day-1 purchase for me.

Watch the trailer, it’s awesome:

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