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Deus Ex: Human Revolution gameplay

IGN have a new 12 minute preview video of Deus Ex 3 – I’ve posted it below, but I really don’t want to see too much of this game in action until I’ve got my hands on it, so I stopped watching after 3 minutes. With the first Deus Ex being one of the BEST GAMES EVER, its fair to say I’m rather hyped for this. There’s no way it could live up to the original…surely? People who’ve played it think it actually could


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The Deus Ex Diaries

Deus Ex Diaries

We can’t bloody wait for Deus Ex: Human Revolution, the long awaited prequel to the original Deus Ex that was on PC way back in 2000, which means that for the next five months until it’s finally released, there’s going to be a lot of time to be filled doing/playing other things. With that in mind, and considering how much I bloody love the Deus Ex universe, I decided to go back in time and play the original game all over again, whilst keeping a diary-ish record of my journey back to the past.


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