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Review – Renegade Ops

Last weekend we spent our time festering at Multiplay’s i44, not sleeping and eating a horiffic number of doughnuts. While we were there, we blasted our way through Renegade Ops with our two mates Jon and Sam. Made by the same team who gave us Just Cause 2, and built in that very same engine, we expected mindless carnage and plenty of explosions. It certainly didn’t disappoint.


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Renegade Ops Finally has a Release Date

The PC version of Renegade Ops has been floating around without a release date for a while now, but Avalanche have finally announced that it’ll be made available on 14th October on Steam. As a bonus, we get to drive the buggy from Half Life 2 Episode 2, complete with ‘antlion special attack’. Sounds amusing. You can pre-order this game for a tenner, or go for the 4-pack (the game is 4-player co-op, ideal for a bunch of mates) which works out as £5 each. Trailer below shows off what we PC gamers can look forward to. This game looks like a lot of explosive fun…


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