The Best Superbowl ‘Big Game’ Trailers

Every year, Americans host a ‘big game’. Something about football, only played with hands, not feet? I don’t know, sport is something that my brain doesn’t understand any more. Still, the best bit seems to be when the two sides have a rest and watch 40 minutes of movie trailers. That actually sounds pretty good to me.

The Bourne Legacy

No more Matt Damon, but the new go-to action-spy-secret-agent-superhero-sniper man Jeremy Renner is in his place. Can’t deny the idea of a new Bourne film excites me.

The Avengers

Joss Whedon, do us proud. This surely has to be the biggest film of 2012, and so far, it looks fantastic.

The Amazing Spiderman

No Sam Raimi this time, but after the hideous mess that was Spider-Man 3, maybe it doesn’t matter. I’m a bit miffed as to why this even exists, but it does look pretty cool.

Iron Sky

Fairly certain this one was not shown anywhere near the superbowl, but….Nazi’s….from….the moon. Yes.

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