Hitman 5 Trailer Sexiness

Hitman: Absolution

Now, whilst there is in fact a slow motion scene of an as-yet-unknown naked lady (on further inspection, with the volume turned up, that lady could well be Diana…) showering, the sexiness I speak of actually stems from the absolutely awesome action going on with our friend Mr. 47 while he attempts to break into said naked-lady’s home and then flash his weapon at her.

Don’t get too excited, perverts – I mean his actual gun, not a weapon of euphemistic origins. However, with all the seemingly new features that could be included in the new game – like cutting holes in glass to open doors from the other side, drowning people in small water containers, exciting fisticuffs melee combat – maybe we’ll see 47 with a love interest or something crazy along those lines; anything is possible since Hitman: Absolution is a supposed re-invention of the series.

I’m excited. Are you excited?

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