Fallout: New Vegas – I has it!

So a rather large package arrived at work today, smelling faintly of nuclear radiation. My Fallout New Vegas special edition had arrived! I’ve been waiting a while for this, as a big fan of Fallout 3, I’m quite stoked and ready to explore more of the wasteland. I hurried home, got back in record time thanks to the traffic gods’ leniency, slapped the disc into my disc drive, and…

…saw this:


Oh. That’s right. The game isn’t out until tomorrow…

Paul and I have a small feature idea planned for this, and he was cursing me earlier for being able to play it a day early, so I’m sure he’s a bit relieved that I won’t be getting a headstart on him. I’m still gutted I can’t play it tonight! Oh well, in the meantime, here’s one of the newer trailers which I keep seeing on the telly.

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