Dishonored – Cinematic Trailer

If you take the art director of Half Life 2, mixed him with one of the game designers from Deus Ex, and slapped them into the team who made Dark Messiah of Might and Magic, you apparently end up with the wonderful looking steampunkish game Dishonored. Its looking very good, and is quietly creeping up my anticipation-o-meter the more I see it.

The visual design does indeed remind me of Half Life 2 – the car being driven by the uppity snob in the trailer looks vaguely similar to a Combine truck to me, and of course those ominous stilted dudes are reminiscent of the good old strider. Then theres the whole oppressed citizens in a run-down city theme. As grim as it looks, its most definitely a world I want to explore.

Also, you will apparently be able to possess rats for sneaking purposes. Oh, and fish. How can I not be excited for this game?

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