Modern Warfare 3 – Spec Ops Trailer

Modern Warfare 3

There’s no doubt about it, I’m ten times more excited about Battlefield 3 than I am about Modern Warfare 3. However, my favourite part of Modern Warfare 2 was the two-player spec-ops missions where you got to fight masses and masses of enemy AI soldiers, and of course, where would the newest installment to the series be if it didn’t include a similar or even better rendition of the same feature… Well goody goody gun-drops, look what we have here! The following trailer for MW3 Spec Ops mode gives plenty of explosive and bullety footage of a TON of cool things happening during a lengthy battle between players and AI bastards who simply won’t leave you alone. Also, how clever are they, spelling WW3 with an upside down M; they’ve definitely used their smarts right there.

Yes, there are weapon drops, weapon upgrades, MAN drops (as in, call in friendly AI soldiers via helicopter to help you fight the battle!) and, best of all, sentry turrets (possibly the best thing in the world, seriously, that scene in Alien is like one of the coolest scenes ever). I enjoyed this trailer, and if I could actually afford it, I would totally buy this at the same time as BF3.

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