Insanely Twisted Shadow Planet Trial is Insanely Fun

Insanely Twisted Shadow Planet

Do you like 2D games? Do you like flying UFO’s? Do you like the ability to use a wide array of crazy sci-fi tools to achieve results in bizarre situations involving black and red tentacles that want to eat you, and then upgrade everything so you can do it even better the next time? Then after having a good blast of the trial of Insanely Twisted Shadow Planet, I can honestly say you will have a great time.

Released on the 3rd of August, I only heard about this game yesterday when I opened my Xbox dashboard and there it was. The silhouette, shadow art style is very pleasing and totally inspired, resonating back to classic 2D adventure games such as Another World and Heart of Darkness, where enemies were somehow all evolved to be entirely black and, well, shadowy. From what I’ve played and seen in this trailer, I.T.S.P is really one of the most imaginative and inspiring games I’ve ever laid my eyes on, and I’m enormously impressed.

I’m still contemplating buying this, but I have so many gaming related things to pay for this year that I can’t quite afford that I might not bother yet. Besides, it’ll probably come down in price in a few months. Probably…

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