The Walking Dead – Comic-Con Season 2 Trailer

We’re not all about the games here. The ‘stuff’ bit of our slogan keeps us covered when we feel like telling you about other entertaining things. Things like this. Comic-Con just happened, and along with vague news of Jurassic Park 4 from Spielberg himself (yes!), there’s also this fantastic trailer of season 2 of The Walking Dead. Frank Darabont’s adaptation was the best TV show of last year, and we’re eagerly waiting to see the story continue.

More than just another zombie tale, The Walking Dead managed to be a suspenseful drama focusing on interesting characters who you genuinely care for as they struggle to survive in a devastated world gone tits-up. The opening scenes are very reminiscent of 28 Days Later (though this is mere coincedence rather than rip-off, as the original comic came out around about the same time) but everything else is very much its own take on the zombie survival idea for a story. I was engrossed throughout and look forward to the longer second season, which is said to have 13 episodes compared to the first series’ 6.

Here’s that glorious trailer:

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