Return to Auraxis – Planetside 2 Officially Announced

Planetside 2

Oh Em Gee! It’s finally coming! Planetside… TWO!! (No longer being referred to as Planetside Next) I played the original to death back when I was about 15, and I distinctly remember my dad had to cancel my subscription because I rarely did anything else, (even play other games). It was probably the best thing for me at the time, and looking back I escaped an incredibly addictive drug of gun-totin’, fighter-jet-flyin’, tank-drivin’, base-capturin’ awesomeness.

Yes, those days are going to gloriously return in the form of a sequel, and I shall most definitely be re-enlisting in the New Conglomerate army; the Terran Republic and Vanu Sovereignty had better watch their backs!


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