Bioshock Infinite – Full E3 Demo Video

How bloody good does this look? There’s about a million years to wait for the new Bioshock game, but at least we know its looking beyond awesome. The full E3 demo which all the lucky gaming press got to see at the show itself is now available publicly. By the end of it, my jaw was firmly on the ground. Check it out below.

Loving the nods to the original games, such as that giant bird-thing’s glowing eyes mimicking the red/green of the Big Daddies. Also, the general feel of exploring a surreal city that’s gone to shit is in tact, with various factions of people all conflicting with each other. And what a city… I’m hugely looking forward to exploring Columbia – it looks like the most intricately detailed game world since, well, Rapture. And thank god those ziplines look so fun to use. Man, I want this game.

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