Augment This – 30 Minutes of Deus Ex 3 Gameplay

Deus Ex 3

Those Eidos and Square Enix bastards have been drip feeding us constant nibbles of Deus Ex 3 goodness in the form of screenshots, videos, and fictional web sites ever since it was announced, but now the drips are getting bigger, tastier, and even a little crunchier (the good kind of crunch, where you realize that chocolate you bought has biscuit in it). I couldn’t be looking forward to Deus Ex 3 more than I am, and seeing this video makes me wish I could fall into a sleep-induced coma for the next 44 days (though this would involve missing my birthday – a worthy sacrifice), wake up on release day, and get stuck in.

The knowledge of these videos comes courtesy of Rock, Paper, Shotgun and the videos themselves are of course courtesy of IGN. Now that I’ve plugged, enjoy the stealthy awesomeness:

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