Tomb Raider – Reboot Trailer

In case you weren’t aware, Tomb Raider is getting a reboot next year. Lara Croft’s origins are being explored in a new game about survival on a desolate island, and there’s a new CGI trailer to get you in the mood. Continuing the run of recent Square Enix pre-rendered trailers, it looks fantastic and I for one am looking forward to checking out one of gaming’s most famous heroine’s backstory.

After the fun puzzler Guardian of Light, the series is going in yet another new direction. We’re still firmly in the land of sequels and remakes (and this is yet another re-imagining of course) but I still find the concept of a new Tomb Raider game appealing. Hopefully they can pull it off. Check out the official Tomb Raider site for more info.

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