LotRO – Rise of Isengard Trailer

I have fond memories of Lord of the Rings Online, but I stopped playing years ago due to a generic vow of never playing an MMO again (which I’ve since broken several times anyway). Now that its free-to-play, there’s no reason not to at least check it out if only to see some of the cool locations adapted from the epic stories. The game is due a new expansion pack, which will bring Isengard and the surrounding area into the world.

Nothing but a CGI trailer to show so far, but I’ve high hopes this will be an excellent addition to the current game, which has always been faithful to the books, while giving fans of the movies some more to experience. I really hope this game continues to exist right up to the later half of the story, as it’d be glorious to play through the entire monster of a saga when its all finished, somewhere down the line.

Anyway, here’s that trailer:

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