Aperture Science Investment Ads

*edit*: Portal 2 will have a worldwide release on Steam – Tuesday 19th April 2011. The retail release date is slightly staggered, being Tuesday for North America, but Europe has to inexplicably wait ’til Thursday. Looks like Steam is the way to go.


Ahem… If you’ve got Portal 2 pre-ordered on Steam, feel free to begin pre-loading it right now. If you do, it means you’ll be able to play the second it gets unlocked, which will be Thursday in the UK/Europe, or Tuesday night if you’re lucky enough to live in America. Damn yanks. Anyway, Valve have been making some hilarious Aperture Science ‘Investment Ads’ over the last couple of weeks, and they’re embedded below.

They feature the voice of J.K. Simmons as the energetic and slightly mental Cave Johnson, the founder of Aperture Science. so far there are 4 of these videos, with a final one due out next Tuesday. Enjoy!

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