Epic Fan-Made Trailer of the Week

Minecraft Trailer

If you didn’t know about Minecraft already, or you didn’t want to play it before, then you bloody well should after this…

This fan-made trailer has absolutely blown my mind! I don’t think I could have ever imagined Minecraft portrayed in such a way; the music used for this is so unbelievably epic that it’s almost hilarious. Still, I’ve gotta admit, this was one amazing fan-made trailer. Kudos to it’s creator!

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2 Responses to Epic Fan-Made Trailer of the Week

  1. Stu says:

    So, I watched this and I realized that, unexpectedly, a question had been answered.

    “What would have happened on LOST if there hadn’t been hot chicks, mercenaries and an unexplained desire to go back to 9/5 jobs from a tropical island?”

  2. Matt Clarke says:

    Haha that trailer is absolutely genius. How many more things will Inception’s uber-dramatic soundtrack be applied to?

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