Duke Nukem Forever – Gearbox take the reins

Duke Nukem Forever is gonna be released! Gearbox have picked it up. I am currently watching a live stream from PAX, and Randy Pitchford is talking about the game.. No way! He just pointed at the camera and told them to turn it off! Looks like he’s gonna carry on filming anyway…click below, this is exciting!

The video is still rolling. Randy just said “it is coming in 2011. It’s coming on Xbox 360, PS3 and PC – it’s coming out on everything”. So, 2011 confirmed? The camera is still rolling… They’re leaving the presentation. Aw, well that was nearly good. Ooh, they’re now filming some gameplay footage. There’s a guy running around a big open level outside on some desert looking planet…he has a big sniper rifle… he shot an alien. Those are actually pretty nice graphics.

They seem to be playing it on the 360. Ooh a nice waterfall. And some trees. It looks a bit like Borderlands. Is that a minecart track? Ah theres a big wooden bridge strucure over a canyon next to the waterfall, and the – a spaceship! A big alien ship just flew overhead and landed out of sight. I think aliens are coming out of it… Ooh someone else is driving a truck! The camera has gone into third person view while hes driving down a chasm. Seems to be some radioactive barrel in the boot. Holy crap! I just saw what looked like the big Portal Storm from HL2 Episode 2 in the distance!

The cameraman is moving from one screen to another, there seems to be quite a lot of playable machines there. Aw, they have to change the batteries on the camera, I’m told it’ll be back up in a few minutes…

So, this is pretty exciting news. The game that redefined ‘development hell’ by failing to get released even 13 years after it was announced, then cancelled, then forced the previous development studio to close down altogether, not to mention be the cause of several messy lawsuits and the biggest joke on the internet…Duke Nukem Forever rises again.

Ooh the camera is back, but theres no sound. Someone playing Duke is walking through a corridor with his fists raised, some AI buddies seemed to be helping him escape from some building or other. Could this be the start of the game? Are they busting him out of jail? The girl host is saying this is in fact the PC version of the game but for convenience sake, they are playing it with 360 gamepads. He’s still running around unarmed, now he’s gone into an elevator. He’s using a pen to draw on a wall! What’s that about? Ooh someone else is shooting what looks like a boss alien inside a huge stadium…

Well I’m gonna end this here, the stream is not that good quality and no doubt there’ll be some high quality videos released over the next few days, so we can look forward to that. I never actually played the original Duke Nukem games, aside from the remake that was out on the 360 Arcade, I tried the demo of that… It’s a classic series though, so no doubt many people will be pleased with this news. The story of Duke Nukem Forever’s development is something I find totally hilarious – god knows how good the finished game will be after all these years, but it’s bound to be worth checking out when it’s finally released.


She was just interviewing another guy and he mentioned there will probably be multiplayer. This is good news, I suppose. I wish I cared more about this game, I’m mostly just enjoying the drama. I don’t think I can be arsed with any more of this. Hoorayness for the Duke.

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