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It has been a superb time to be a gamer the last few years. The current generation has probably peaked in terms of quality, and we’ve seen some revolutionary gaming titles. The likes of Bioshock, Portal, and Dead Space are all superb examples of new franchises, but as is often the case in gaming we’ve had some truly amazing sequels. Grand Theft Auto 4 found universal critical praise (and mammoth sales figures) upon release, Assassins Creed 2 proved that listening to criticism will help you produce a vastly improved experience for your fans, and after years of delays and speculation Team Fortress 2 has shown just how far you can push the concept of multiplayer to its full potential.

This generation isn’t quite over yet, and these are a few of the games I’m eagerly awaiting, but haven’t heard much from recently…

The Last Guardian

Team ICO have only made 2 games so far, yet both have been fantastic. Ico was about a lone boy who had been locked in a castle. You take control of him as he escapes from his cell and simply has to figure out how to escape with a fellow prisoner, the mysterious Yorda. Shadow of the Collossus was equally simple in concept – to slay 16 enormous beasts in the hope of reviving a princess. Their newest effort, The Last Guardian appears to be a combination of the two – the trailer suggests you will be controlling a familiar looking young boy, only this time his companion is a giant mythical monster. I can’t wait to see how they implement the monster into the gameplay, as it seems you’ll need to help each other through the world’s puzzles and enemies. It’s probably going to be brilliant.

Diablo III

Like Valve, Blizzard have a similar approach when it comes to game releases – its done when its done, and its usually worth the bloody wait. Diablo II came out a decade ago, unbelievably. It was an addictive loot-em-up dungeon crawler of the highest quality, with a huge story, fun and varied gameplay, and fully integrated multiplayer co-op. It set the standard for those type of games and has inspired numerous copy-cats since its release. Lets hope Diablo III can continue Blizzard’s excellent track record… Enjoy the epic CGI teaser trailer below.

Half Life 2: Episode 3

Nothing. Not even a screenshot. Valve have literally shown us nothing of the almost mythical Episode 3 (maybe even Half Life 3?) but we all know they’re making it. Numerous fake images have come and gone and there was recently a surge in hype when Valve announced a ‘surprise’ at E3 which turned out to be a false alarm, but the sad fact is we’ve had very little info about the game. Based on events of Episode 2, we can assume it’ll be set in the snowy north, and could potentially involve a visit to Apeture Science (Portals!), but we really haven’t got a clue. A screenshot, Valve, I just want a screenshot! For now, lets revisit Dog’s greatest moment.

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